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KADASA INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY (KIP) was founded 40 years ago by a renowned Saudi attorney Nassir Kadasa in Riyadh, the Saudi Capital, under Associated Patent Attorneys. Mr. Kadasa has the distinction of being the first Saudi Attorney to prosecute and win an infringement lawsuit on behalf of a foreign entity against a national infringer.

Kadasa Intellectual Property embraces a tradition of providing quality service and offers filing through registration for grant of trademarks, patents, domain names and copyrights. We provide intellectual property portfolio maintenance and protection service for all forms of intellectual property rights. IP rights protection and enforcement is the major area of our strength and constitute a sizable part of our practice. IP Agreements including License to use, Partial Assignment Agreement, Co-existence Agreement, Compromise Agreements, Marketing Agreements, Franchise Agreements & Technology Transfer Agreements etc. is an integral party of day to day services offered to our wide range of clients from diverse areas of industry. The range of our services expanded with the passage of time according to requirements of our clients and today Kadasa law firm is a Saudi Arabian full-service law firm serving the needs of businesses, governments, private sectors, and corporate clients around the world.

With increasing range of services, we inducted and maintained dynamic team of multi-linguistic professionals to serve the need of our clients. Today we have professionals of multiple nationalities and we consider diversity of human resource as our strength. Kadasa also maintains a balance of gender in its work force. A talented pool of female lawyers and administrators are important pillar of our success. Our human resource skill-set covers professionals from engineering, telecommunication, information technology, medical technology, intellectual property law, international IP laws, business management and shariah law.

KIP regularly offers range of IP services required by our clients to develop, implement and continually revise an IP strategy, from the implementation of global enforcement strategies, to the provision of commercial IP services, and IP acquisition and maintenance services. We currently represent approximately 1,400 clients managing work in over 180 countries. Long standing clients include many of the world's foremost IP owners. Our aim remained to provide the best and reliable advises based on practical insight of the local environment. We manage expectations of our clients by explaining the legal regime and actual practice in the region. 

We value our client’s requirements and efficiently manage, meeting deadlines, accurate responding, timely reporting, swift attending to client’s instructions, and providing discreet advice. While assuring the quality, our attorneys and paralegals are inculcated with important considerations such as cost effectiveness, candidness, and promptness. We understand the complexities of managing diversified IP portfolio by our client subject to laws of number of countries, and to help our clients centrally manage their IP assets, we have created a network of associations in the Gulf region and entire Middle East. We have a track record of efficient and effective central management of client’s IP assets.

We try our best to settle any legal disputes and issues of our clients through amicable settlement out of court, however depending on requirement of specific issues, we can represent clients in litigation. Kadasa law firm is always distinguished for its practical experience in litigation and is considered as a trend setter in local jurisprudence in Saudi Arabia.

KIP does not sub-contract any portion of the service (translation, filing, prosecution, litigation, enforcement, maintenance) in Saudi region. KIP also is well-known for handling anti-counterfeiting matters on all levels whether administrative, civil or criminal and have managed hundreds of enforcement actions on behalf of local and international clients. The placement of our human resource is based on the specific skill set required for a job. We consider Saudi Lawyers and coordinators as best fit for direct coordination with Customs and Administrative departments. The Saudi staff of KIP are specialized intellectual property attorneys duly licensed to represent clients before governmental and judicial bodies and this gives KIP the advantage in swiftly and effectively handling enforcement matters. All anti-counterfeiting work is handled by Saudi attorneys and assistants with access to all government and judicial bodies without the need to subcontract or otherwise depend on other parties to complete our tasks.

KIP performs services including market check and market reports on counterfeit traders, collecting necessary evidences, preparing and filing necessary administrative complaints against traders in counterfeit goods. Pre-raid checks and arranging for raid on outlets involved in counterfeiting activities. Handling criminal claims against traders in counterfeits.

KIP - Customs Partnership

KIP signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Saudi Customs Authority as early as January 2011. KIP has, ever since, partnered with the Customs on protecting its clients’ rights and promoting the practice of commercial fraud combating in Saudi Arabia in general. Aside from, recording IP rights and confirming status of seized goods, KIP is committed to provide ongoing training and information to Customs. In that context, KIP regularly provides Customs officials and ports with materials including client-specific information, booklets, banners, and rounded training kits. KIP also participates in Customs events including celebrations, workshops, and conferences.

Our Team

Our Team

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