The Copyright and Neighboring Rights Protection Act 1996 is applicable law in Sudan for Copyrights.

Sudan is a member of Berne Convention and as such protection of Copyrights does not need any formality of registration, however as a proof of ownership, Sudan has procedure for registration of Copyright through a formal procedure.

All forms of literary and artistic works are protected under Copyrights.

Application for Registration of a work and contract shall be addressed to the Registrar and shall contain the following:

  1. The registration application form as prescribed under rules.
  2. The full name and address of applicant and, where the applicant’s address is outside the Sudan, the name and address of his agent in the Sudan
  3. A duplicate, a photographic copy or a true copy of the work or contract
  4. A statement ascribing the work to the applicant and such statement shall be as prescribed in the rules the date of making or publication of the work or of making the contract
  5. Any other details or statement as may be specified by the rules.
  6. Notarized and legalized Power of Attorney legalized up to the Sudani Consulate.
  7. Copies of work.

Sudani Copyright law has civil and criminal procedures for enforcement of Copyrights.

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