Copyright Law No. (22) for the year 1992 as amended by Law No. 88 of 2003, Law No. 8 of 2005, and Law No. 9 of 2005 is governing law for Copyrights in Jordan.

Ministry of Culture in Jordan is administering the Copyright regime in Jordan. It is a requirement to fix the work in physical form for claiming Copyright Protection in Jordan.

Jordan is a member of Berne Convention and as such Copyright protection does not requires any formalities. Any original, fixed form of literary and artistic work is protectable in Jordan in favor of authors and/or owners.

Jordanian Copyright Law has clear provisions on joint and collaborative works.

Jordan has deposit procedure for protection of Copyrights. The Deposit Center of National Library is responsible for receiving Copyright applications. The center issues periodical bibliographic data in the form of lists including the products that were deposited at the center. The same center is also responsible for the bibliographic information of submitted work.

For applications filed by entities other than authors, assignment must be filed and in case of multiple authors, each and every author must sign assignment deed for application to be acceptable.

Commercial exploitation of Copyright work is exclusively reserved for the owner and unauthorized exploitation can be subject to imprisonment and/or a fine.

Filing Requirements are following:

  1. Power of Attorney legalized upto Jordanian Consulate.
  2. Details of Authors.
  3. Assignment deed if author is not an applicant
  4. Copies of the work.
  5. Statement of the work’s specifications.

Jordanian Law has provisions on Civil and Criminal actions. Provisions on compensation and damages are also provided in the law. Jordanian Courts are empowered to take necessary preventive actions to stop infringement of Copyrights.

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