Copyright subject matters are regulated under Qatari Law No. 7 of 2002 on the Protection of Copyright and Neighboring Rights.

Qatari Copyright Law provides protection to artistic and literary work. As a member of Berne Convention, formalities of registration is not required however there is a procedure for deposit of work.

The office of the Protection of Copyrights and Neighboring Rights in Department of Commercial Affairs of the Ministry of Economy and Trade is administering Copyright Application. Under Article 45 of Qatari Copyright Law, requirements for deposit of work is provided.

Following material shall be provided with application to deposit Copyright or Neighboring rights:

  1. The name of author or authors in case of joint works or the name of owners
  2. Subject matter of the work or subject matter of the neighboring right.
  3. Copies of the work or the subject matter of the neighboring right.
  4. Statement of the works’ specifications or the subject matter of rights conferred on them.
  5. A written statement by the authors of the ownership of a work or a neighboring right  
  6. Power of Attorney to agent.

Qatari Copyright Law has provisions on enforcement. Under Article 47 of the law preventive measures and sanction mechanism is provided.

Qatari Courts are empowered to take different course of action during infringement actions filed before it. Upon application of the owner Court may take any of the following actions:

  1. Grant injunctions to prohibit the committing of infringement
  2. Order the seizure of the infringing copies or any part thereof
  3. Seizure of infringing copies and implements used in the reproduction
  4. Ordering the appropriate indemnification
  5. Seizure of profits attributable to the infringement.  

Qatari Copyright Law provides possibility to initiate both Civil and Criminal Actions.

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