Copyright is protected in Bahrain under Law No. 22 of 2006 related to Copyright and Neighboring Rights.

Although Bahrain is member of Berne Convention, and as such protection of Copyright does not require formality, however as a proof of ownership, Bahrain has procedure for registration of Copyright through a formal procedure.

It is possible to obtain Copyright registration by submitting application with the Copyright Protection Office at the Ministry of Information. Applications can be filed for any Copyright subject matter in literary and Artistic work.

Bahraini Copyright law provides exclusive right to the owner of Copyright and possibility of civil and criminal actions is available under the law.

An application for Copyright will require:

  1. Notarized and legalized Power of Attorney legalized up to the Bahraini Consulate.
  2. Copies of work.
  3. Deed of Assignment if the applicant is not the author.

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