Kuwait is a member of Berne Convention.  Kuwaiti Copyright Law no. 22 of 2016 is the applicable law governing copyright and related rights of natural and legal persons. Under Kuwaiti Copyright Law, both nationals and foreigners nationals from member countries of Berne convention are granted protection.

Kuwaiti Copyright Law protects any protectable literary and artistic work. The administration of registration is assigned under the new law to The National Library. The applicant has to file application with National Library together with a copy of work. The Library has prescribed procedure for different types of work, and official fee. The Library, normally within 2-3 months, issues depository number to the applicants once formal filing is made.

Under Kuwaiti Copyright Law, the author or the owners or their heirs, as the case may, enjoys the exclusive right of Copyright work exploitation. Financial and Moral rights are enforceable against unauthorized exploitation. Civil and criminal procedures are available under the law to protect the rights of right holders.  

By virtue of Berne Convention, Copyright work stands protected without formality of registration or depositing with the National Library, however for prima facie ownership claim, it is recommended to adopt formal procedure for protection.

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