Law on the Protection of Literary and Artistic Property No. 75 of April 3, 1999 governs Copyright subject matters in Lebanon. This law partially repeals earlier applicable law i.e. Decision No. 2385, dated January 17, 1924.

Lebanon is a member of Berne Convention since September 30, 1947 and as such Copyright protection does not requires any formalities. Any original literary and artistic work is protectable in Lebanon in favor of authors and/or owners.

Just like most of countries in the region, Lebanon has deposit procedure for protection of Copyright work. The Intellectual Property Protection Office at the Ministry of Economy and Trade is administering department for Copyright deposits.

Deposit of work will have presumption of ownership.

Copyright holders, holders of related rights or their particular or universal successors who wish to make a deposit must submit to the Intellectual Property Protection Office an application signed by them or their agent containing the following information: 

  1. the title and the type of work, sound recording, performance or radio or television program.
  2. the name, title and address of the author or the holder of related rights.
  3. If the depositor is a person other than the author or the holder of related rights, the authorization document will be required.
  4. The application for deposit must be accompanied by the document on the basis of which the deposit is made (power of attorney, assignment, contract or agreement
  5. Legalized Power of Attorney upto Lebanese consulate.
  6. Copies of the work or the subject of the related right.
  7. Statement of work i.e. description of work.

Lebanon Copyright Law has provisions on Civil and Criminal actions. Provisions on compensation and damages are also provided in the law, and the Courts are empowered to take necessary preventive actions to stop infringement of Copyrights.

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