In United Arab Emirates, the Federal Law No. 32 of the year 2006 is in place for protection of Copyright.

Unlike Saudi Arabia, UAE has procedure for filing and registration of Copyright subject matters. The Ministry of Economy has an online portal for filing Copyright Applications. Any literary, and artistic works can be filed for registration of Copyrights.

For applications filed by entities other than authors, assignment must be filed with Ministry of Economy. In case of multiple authors, each and every author must sign assignment deed for application to be acceptable.

Commercial exploitation of Copyright work is exclusively reserved for the owner and unauthorized exploitation can be subject to imprisonment and/or a fine.

Filing Requirements are following:

  1. Power of Attorney legalized upto UAE Consulate.
  2. Details of Authors.
  3. Assignment deed if author is not an applicant
  4. Copies of the work.
  5. Statement of the work’s specifications.

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