Copyright subject matters in Oman are governed under The Omani Copyright Law issued by Royal Decree No.65/2008, effective since May 18, 2008.

Omani Copyright Law provides protection to literary and artistic works and such protection is to the original expression of such work.

Ministry of Commerce and Industry in Oman is administering Copyright works. Article 24 of the law provides that the right holder can deposit, at his own expenses, one copy of the work, performance, or phonogram with the concerned Ministry (Commerce & Industry), and such deposit is considered as presumption of ownership. There is prescribed procedure and applicable fee under regulations of the law.

Chapter IV of the Omani Law has clear provisions on Neighboring Rights. The law also provides border measures mechanism for enforcement of Copyrights.

As a member of Berne convention, Copyright protection does not require formalities, however as mentioned above, for acquiring prima facie evidence of ownership, and to take the benefit of legal presumption after recordals such work with Ministry, it is highly advisable to adopt formal process.

Omani Copyright Law has provisions on civil and criminal actions against violation of copyrights. Right holders can adopt any legal course of action to rectify any damaging situation due to infringement of Copyrights.

Claim of interim injunction is also possible under the law. 

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