Copyright and Patent disputes will be shifted to Commercial Courts in Saudi Arabia effective January 26, 2020


Pursuant to the Supreme Judicial Council circular issued on 21/05/1441H corresponding to January 17, 2020 the Saudi Commercial Courts have been granted original jurisdiction over Civil and Criminal cases related to Copyrights, Patents, Industrial Designs, Integrated Circuits, and Plant Varieties.

From the effective date of this Circular which is January 26, 2020, the Copyright Committee and the Patent Dispute Committee (Committees) will have no more jurisdiction over infringement cases.

The circular clarifies that all pending cases already filed with the Committees before January 26, 2020 will be handled by Committees.

The Oppositions and Appeals, where applicable, will remain within jurisdictions of the relevant Committees.

For further information please contact us:

Mohammad Jomoa

CEO of KADASA Intellectual Property

Asif Iqbal

Head IP-Legal of KADASA Intellectual Property



19 Jan 2020

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