Alternate Dispute Resolutions (ADRs) are highly encouraged under Islamic principles. Mediation and arbitration between the parties to dispute is encouraged in all form of litigations and has strongest roots in Shariah (Islamic) law and traditions.

Arbitration in gulf region has its own complexities. In Saudi Arabia Arbitration is governed under new Law of Arbitration, issued vide Royal Decree No. M/34, which is based on UNCITRAL Model Law on international commercial arbitration, although not verbatim adoption. Kadasa Intellectual Property regularly advises clients in different Arbitration issues including drafting arbitration clauses in existing agreement, drafting separate arbitration agreement, advises on enforceability of arbitration awards, and advises on issues related to conflict of laws applicable to arbitration.

Kadasa IP can assist clients in arbitration related issues in United Arab Emirates, and other surrounding Gulf regions. From negotiations to enforcement, we have talented pool of counsels assisting clients on day to day basis.