IP litigation is the main strength of Kadasa IP. With a team of Licensed attorneys, KIP managed to set a track record of success in IP litigation and, in particular, complex infringement and cancellation actions. We are renowned in the region for our expertise in handling wide range of intellectual property legal issues. Kadasa IP has a long history of trend setting in intellectual property enforcement and considered as a pioneer in shaping several legal principles in the area of IP infringement and counterfeiting including patent, trademarks, copyrights etc. We have managed hundreds of civil and criminal enforcement actions on behalf of our local and international clients through custom, administrative and court actions.

Our Saudi staff of specialized intellectual property attorneys and assistants duly licensed to represent our clients before governmental and judicial bodies gives us a unique advantage in swiftly and effectively handling custom enforcement matters. All our enforcement work is handled by Saudi attorneys and assistant with access to all government and judicial bodies without the need to subcontract or otherwise depend on other parties to complete our tasks.